Welcome to New York!

Well, mom's in New York!!

After a long day of flying, she finally made it from St. George to Woodstock! I love every time she visits because she's always up for anything, and I get a kick out of watching the way she does things... I say the squirrels are destroying the house? She gets a BB gun to "take care of it" (she's a horrible shot these days, so no squirrels were harmed in her attempts)... She tries to help with the leaves? Her scarf gets caught in the leaf blower and yanks her face to smack against it (that really made me laugh actually)... She loves visiting our neighbor John Cuneo (the amazing illustrator who's always so kind to her), loves working in the yard (she brings her own gardening magazines to see what I want to order), loves going to the drum circle on Sunday afternoon at the village green, and taking walks by the swimming hole... I just love her.

But, now is not the time for relaxing in Woodstock!! She's got an interview at People Magazine about this trip - then off to our first stop: PARIS!!! She's got her bags packed, and the adventure begins NOW!!!

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