I found Stohrer when I was in Paris years ago, and to me it's the absolute best patissier in Paris (which to me means the world)... It's been around for over 300 years, and to be completely honest, I booked our AirBNB because of it's proximity to Stohrer and Montorgueil - so, of course our first outing had to be for Kouign Amman!!

I was telling friends in NY about this deliciousness, and our friend Olivia Birdsall said that she loves Stohrer, but the best dessert was a pistachio thing called "Anthares" and that mom HAD to try it... Basically a huge pistachio macaron with pistachio cream and raspberries, and it was good... Since my mom loves Olivia, she wanted to try it, but we both agreed that it's nothing compared to my favorite diet buster. So Olivia, we think you're wrong - but if you're ever asked to do a taste test anywhere - there's no place on the planet better than Stohrer!!

We're on Montorgueil and couldn't be happier!

Stohrer -

Mom note: About a month ago, my mom fell in her bathroom in the middle of the night and smashed her face on her bathroom counter. She hit hard, and although the swelling has gone down, the bruises are still there in her cheeks. She keeps telling me "Stop taking pictures! People will see my bruises!!" To which I respond, "I'll photoshop them out" and she's cool with that.. I don't know how to photoshop, so pretend you don't see her bruises and that'll make her happy.. ;-)

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