A visit to Montmartre

Muz visited Montmartre over 50 years ago, and still remembers it as one of her favorite places in Paris. She calls it "Artists Hill" and that was one place she definitely wanted to go back to... She had absolutely no memory of Sacré-cœur, but something must have stuck in her mind about Montmartre and wanted to get back to 'Artists Hill'!!

So, today, we took her to Montmartre to wander around, get her sketch done (which she refused to do because of the bruise on her face), and to sit in the sun and view the city from the steps of the basilica. We also revisited one of our favorite places to get the world's best quiche (and our friend Catherine's favorite as well)!!!

Really fantastic day - we'll definitely go back to wander around again, and eat more quiche!




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