Cooking Coq Au Vin!

One of the most quintessential dishes in all of France is Coq Au Vin - a chicken dish cooked with red wine, lardons, onions, and a bunch of other stuff. Since sunday dinner has always been important to my mom - and hitting a stand for a crepe or a sandwich just wouldn't be proper for a Sunday.

Mom has been a bit under the weather (didn't want to go anywhere other than church today), so while she was in church, we got all the ingredients for a proper french sunday dinner. Our rest day at home and our attempt to make Julia Child's Coq au Vin was definitely a success - and delicious! Mom almost ruined her appetite by eating meat snacks she brought in her suitcase from home (you can see why I love her), and even though it took a while after her sunday nap - she had a really nice afternoon..

I'd say their Julia Child impersonations aren't award winning, but going through a recipe and making Sunday dinner definitely was fun for her - you should try making it at home!

After dinner we settled in and watched La Vie en Rose just to make our day even MORE French than it already was...

Home made Coq Au Vin!

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