Christmas Markets!

There's nothing that Mom and Gregg love more than a good Christmas market, and luckily, Europe is full of them! We'll get her a hot cider and grab some mulled wine for us, and walk through looking at all of the decorations - singing along with all of the carols. It's truly our favorite time of the year.

So, our first two Christmas Markets are in Budapest - one in Vörösmarty Square, and the other next to St Stephen's Basilica! There is so much new food to try, ornaments to buy, and so many lights to look at - there's nothing better!

One little personal note - when Mom and Gregg met years ago when we visited my parents in Utah, they bonded over Christmas music. Dad would sit in his chair and listen, and Mom would sit next to him on the piano bench and they'd just sing.. Having gone through some tough times with them (as a gay ex-mormon), watching Mom sit with my fiancé singing carols was enough to make my heart nearly burst. They've been close ever since.

She said to him that night, "You should make me a Christmas album!" and so he started working on it! He'd sing a track, ask her opinion and she often gave it, and they just finished it to her liking! We'll be adding the carols to many of the videos over the next few weeks, and hope you like their collaboration!


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CDBaby ($1 cheaper)

Best Christmas Market ever!

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