Our carol tradition continues in Europe!

This is a bit of a personal note - no castles, no sights, or travel days - just a little insight to some special memories, and how they've culminated into something we all love.

Taking Gregg home for the first time was really stressful to be honest. Even though at the time I was almost 40 years old, on the inside I was still the scared gay kid going home to Utah to my LDS (Mormon) parents, hoping it would be okay, comfortable, and pleasant. Mom met Gregg briefly in NY, but Dad hadn't, and this would be a big holiday when I tend to be a bit on edge anyway.

It ended up being lovely and fun because the first evening, Gregg sat down at the piano and started singing Christmas carols, and within minutes, Mom sat next to him and started singing along. She would make requests and sing, and Dad would sit in his chair and just listen and sing along to the ones he could remember. This became an annual tradition (these two singing carols), and I have to say, it's healed a ton of things for me, and quickly became one of my favorite times of year.

They were singing one night that first year and Mom said to him, "You should make a Christmas album so I can listen to it when you're not here!" he smiled and said, "Okay!" and watching that exchange, well, I just about melted into a huge puddle. He loves Christmas music more than anyone, so why not!?

He started working on it.. He asked her which songs she liked, added a few of his own, and then would ask her opinion when he finished a track (which she happily gave because she loves giving her opinion on things :-/).

Well, long story even longer, after some years of singing - and then tweaking and adjusting - he just finished it! Would be super awesome if you had a listen and let them know what your favorites are! We'll be adding carols to many of the videos over the next few weeks, and hope you like their collaboration!

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