The End is Just the Beginning!

Our final blog entry... for now. We stopped back through Paris where we started. There has been a long tradition there called the Lock Bridge. Though the location has changed, it's still a practice of many visitors to lock a small padlock on a bridge on the Seine with initials written on it and throwing the key in the river. It's symbolic of "locking" together the love that the visitors have for each other. Ours had the initials C, K, B, G. Carla, Karl, Barton, Gregg. We wanted to lock the love for each other and pay tribute to the love that Carla holds very, very deeply for Karl, whom she lost over a year ago.

Then home to continue the adventures. Ahead lies an open book to write and many adventures from years to come! When we started this journey, Carla felt lost and didn't leave the house much. Now, our hope is that she can't sit still any longer and sees every day as a possible day to have an adventure!!

Here is the last video for a little while. When I showed Muz, she said, "We did ALL that"??? We will be back with a surprise very soon!!! Thank you for following along!

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